Oberacker objects to pay raise


New York State Senator Peter Oberacker, on Dec. 20, condemned the newly-introduced legislation providing a $32,000 pay raise for state legislators.

As the people of my senate district try to decide how to afford groceries, heat, and healthcare, tone deaf politicians are set to vote themselves a $32,000 pay raise. It is unconscionable and borders on criminal.

The Democrat supermajority is showing exactly what they are made of by calling a special session to use their position of power to grab more taxpayer money for themselves rather than contend with real issues like crime and inflation. I am certain that none of these legislators had the courage to mention this repugnant plan prior to Election Day.

This is the polar opposite of what public service is all about and I will be voting NO on this disgraceful legislation and call on my colleagues to do the same.

NYS Senator Peter Oberacker

Senate District 51