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GaGa Over Gov

In her 3/25/20 Opinion column in the Reporter, Susan Barnett has catapulted herself to the top of the list of things we don’t need - a biased reporter.  Her ga-ga effusing, at length, over … more

Ask For Help

As the inhabitants of the world try to deal with the effects of the coronavirus, it would be well to remember the scripture in 2 Chronicles 7;13.  “When I shut up heaven and there is no … more

Cross Out Coronavirus Challenge

In the book of Exodus, the children of Israel painted blood on the door posts of their homes for the Passover. When God saw the blood, He “passed over.” As a believing Christian … more

Not Happy About Changing Clocks

By now, most of us are still “adjusting” to the Spring clock change. The clock change does serious damage to our health, as well as being annoying and useless. I’ve called and … more

Franklin Board Feels Reporting Inaccurate

With respect to the Town of Franklins’ recent land purchase and “new building” options, it is our hope that many of the inferences and comments written in some of our local … more

Unhappy With New Rules

Before the Colchester Town Board adopts meeting rules, they should look at themselves first before setting up rules for others. Many times my wife & I have witnessed and experienced firsthand … more

The Paper Clip Project

Have you ever heard of the Paper Clip Project? It took place in Whitwell, Tenn. from 1997 to 2001. The project was about anti-judgement, anti-hatred. It was about compassion and understanding. As … more

FCC: ‘Drop Dead’

Two of our area’s newly elected representatives - Congressman Antonio Delgado and State Senator Jen Metzger - campaigned hard in 2018 on the issue of expanding broadband access to underserved … more

The Ugly, Hidden Truth

Fifty years ago I fought the Vietnam War on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS America operating in the Tonkin Gulf in 1968. I was an Aviation Electronics Petty Officer. I lost most of … more

Turn Down the Music

I recently attended a girls basketball game at Delaware Academy in Delhi. During half times and time outs very loud music was played. With the gym setting the noise echoes and is even louder. … more

Delaware County Board Of Supervisors

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors have proven themselves as of late to be a completely incompetent ruling body, devoid of any common sense or scruples. I site two recent examples of their … more

“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”

When someone works above and beyond the requirements of their job, you get accustomed to that level of devotion. Suddenly, although the work ethic is there and the job is competently performed, all … more
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