Letter to the Editor: Facts on our border


The Democrats seem to be of the political opinion that the Republicans don’t care about the struggle in the Ukraine. The Republicans are in support of a negotiated peace between Russia and Ukraine. We are not committed to an open ended proxy war. We Americans are willing to give another $60 billion to protect the borders of Ukraine, but only if we defend and protect our own southern border at the same time. CLOSE THE BORDER. That is what the American voters want from the Republican House.

Biden rescinded over 90 of Trump’s border policies when he took office, thereby opening the boarder. Now he says the border is broken and he needs the Republicans to pass the senate Border Bill. The truth is he does not need a bill or congress to close the border. He has the authority invested in him by the Constitution. Article 4 section 4 “The Federal Government shall protect each state against invasion.” This is about invasion and against domestic violence, some 10 million have crossed the border in the last three years. (Customs and Border Protection website)

The truth is Biden does not want to close the border. The Democrats are trying to convince you, the independent voters, that we Republicans do not want to pass the Senate Bill. Is that true?

Reasons WHY:

1. The bill would only be good for three years. It gives the authority to Customs and Border Protection to expel illegal aliens back across the border only during extraordinary migration emergency.

2. The emergency is at the discretion of Customs and Border Protection. (Biden, Moyorkas)

3. If the Customs and Border Protection encounters 5,000 illegal aliens per day for seven days the boarder will be closed temporarily, until 35,000 are processed.

4. If catch and release is passed into law, families will have to be released without supervision.

5. Children cannot be kept in detention for more than 20 days. This would encourage more children going through the system to get lost. (85,000 migrant kids are missing, not accounted for under the Biden Administration.)

6. Requiring the taxpayer to fund deportation defense attorney.

These are just some of the fundamentals of this bill, there are more.

Biden opened the border without the consent of the American people. Thereby creating the only country in the world with an open border. So why does he want to keep the border open at such a great loss of lives, robbery, rape, drugs, child slavery, and more...

The Democratic strategy is that these illegals are cheap labor and will become citizens on the Democratic fast track and vote for Democratic candidates to keep them in power.

If we don’t VOTE Biden’s woke administration out of office, we could be looking at 15 to 20 million more “illegals” by Jan. 20, 2029.

So don’t be fooled again - we can’t afford it. Vote with us if only this one time.

Kurt Holcherr