The Buzz on Catskill Honey


From July through September apiarists across the Catskills harvest, bottle and sell honey produced by their carefully raised bee colonies. Because the taste and color of honey depends on the type of foraged nectar, there is an abundance of nuanced flavors available in Catskill-made honey.

Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem and are responsible for pollinating plants and helping to maintain biodiversity. They also produce one of nature’s most delicious and versatile products: honey.

The process of making honey begins when forager bees collect nectar and bring it back to the hive. Once there, worker bees process the nectar by adding enzymes and then storing it in honeycomb cells.

Over time, the water content of the nectar is reduced through evaporation, and the sugar concentration increases. This process is aided by the fanning of the bees’ wings, which helps to circulate air around the hive and remove excess moisture. The resulting product is honey, which is then sealed in honeycomb cells with wax.

Honey is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of recipes, from sweet treats like cakes and cookies to savory dishes like marinades and dressings. It is also a natural source of energy and has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Whether it’s pure honey, beeswax products, bee pollen, skincare products, candles, or an education opportunity, visiting a Catskills apiary will be the sweetest stop of the day.

Honey Producers

- Delaware County-

Bee Thankful Raw Honey: Delhi, 607-746-6316,

Hillside Honey and Farm Products: 261 Hillside Road, Andes, available at Andes and Bovina farmer’s markets, Dirty Girl Market, Argyle Farm Store and The Tin Horn

Anderson’s Hillbilly Honey: 96 Spring Valley Road, Delhi,

Chasing Honey Farm at Griffin Corners: Fleischmanns,

- Greene County -

East Durham Farms: 175 Brown Road, East Durham,

Sheep Valley Farm: 191 County Route 360, Medusa

Story Farms LLC: 460 State Route 32, Catskill

- Otsego County-

McCoy’s Pure Raw Honey: 307 State Route 28, Oneonta 607-432-0605

Star Route Farm NY: 796 County Highway 40, Charlottville

- Schoharie County -

Sun Mountain Apiary: 127 Marcus Road, Delanson

Buck Hill Farm: 185 Fuller Road, Jefferson

Jubilee Farms: 1336 State Route 7, Richmondville

- Sullivan County -

Covered Bridge Honey: Livingston Manor

Diehl Homestead Farm: 93 Diehl Road, Callicoon 845-482-5047

- Ulster County -

Hurds Family Farm: 2185 State Route 32, Modena

Kelder’s Farm: 5755 US 209, Kerhonkson

Migliorello Farm: 5150 State Route 28, Mount Tremper 845-688-2112