Resource for novice hunters and mentored hunt sponsors


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced a new online resource both for new hunters and organizations offering mentored hunting opportunities. This tool will connect novices with experienced hunters who will help them develop the skills needed to be safe and successful when afield.

Mentored hunts allow hunters with little or no hunting experience to learn additional firearm safety and hunting skills while building confidence under the guidance of more experienced hunters. First-time hunters can now find mentored hunt events in New York and register for those learn-to-hunt opportunities on the new Mentored Hunt Program registration webpage.

DEC’s Mentored Hunt Program registration page also provides a platform for those hosting a mentored hunt to advertise their event statewide.

Partnering organizations can fill out an application to have their event posted on the registration page and amplified to the public on DEC’s platforms. DEC invites groups and organizations to register their mentored hunt events for turkey, deer, waterfowl, pheasants, and other small game. Interested groups should visit the Application to Host a Mentored Hunt site to register. By using DEC’s Mentored Hunt program registration, users will:

Make your event more visible to new hunters statewide;

• Ease registration for participants;

• Track registered participants to better plan your event; and

• Promote your event to a wider audience of potential participants.

New hunters are encouraged to check the DEC Mentored Hunt Program registration page regularly for upcoming events. Listed opportunities will vary based on time of year and upcoming hunting seasons. Attendance is often limited, and each event requires registration to attend. Hunts may or may not be a DEC-organized event, so read individual event details for more information.

All hunters taking part in a mentored hunt must successfully complete a hunter education course and purchase a NYS hunting license prior to their participation. For more information, check out DEC’s Learn to Hunt Opportunities webpage.