Protect waters from Aquatic Invasive Species


While fishing this season, you can take steps to protect your waters from aquatic invasives species (AIS). AIS can outcompete native species, damage economies and ecosystems, and negatively impact recreation. Follow these guidelines to help prevent the spread of AIS.

Clean, Drain, Dry fishing equipment. AIS such as hydrilla, spiny waterflea, and didymo can be carried between water bodies on fishing equipment. Before moving to a new location and after you’ve finished fishing:

• Clean plants and mud from fishing gear, boots, and waders and put it in the trash. Consider using rubber boots with studs rather than felt-soled waders, which can be difficult to clean.

• Drain water from gear and bait buckets onto land. If keeping bait, drain the water and replace it with spring water or dechlorinated tap water.

• Dry your equipment with a towel or let it air dry.

• If possible, disinfect equipment using hot water (at 140°F for 30 seconds).

• Use bait responsibly. Properly using and disposing of bait can prevent the spread of diseases and AIS. Purchase certified bait to make sure it’s disease-free. After fishing, dispose of unused bait in the trash rather than throwing it into a water body. Never release caught bait or fish into a different water body.