From the Sheriff's desk ...


As the current president of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association and the sheriff of Delaware County, I had the profound honor of leading the New York State Sheriffs’ delegation to the National Sheriff’s’ Association winter conference in Washington, D.C. This experience was particularly impactful for me, not just because of the conference itself, but also because I took the additional step of attending a meeting at the capitol with federal representatives from both sides of the aisle. These opportunities provided me with a wealth of information on national security issues that alarm me deeply, especially concerning our southern border and the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

During the conference, we were briefed by FBI Director Christopher Wray on the critical situation at our southern border. The alarming rate of individuals on the terrorist watch list entering our country through this porous border underscores a severe national security risk. This concern is compounded by the Mexican drug cartels’ total control over the border, transforming human smuggling into a multi-billion dollar operation. The exploitation and trafficking of vulnerable individuals across this border are utterly appalling, calling for urgent action from Congress and the President.

My visit to the capitol allowed me to bring these critical issues directly to our federal lawmakers, urging them to prioritize our nation’s security and support law enforcement efforts to protect our communities. The briefing from the Israeli Defense Forces on the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists was particularly harrowing, highlighting the urgent need for vigilance and preparedness in our own communities.

As sheriff, my commitment to the safety of Delaware County remains unwavering. I assure our community of our readiness and continuous training to confront any threat. I urge everyone to be vigilant, report any suspicious activities, and support our law enforcement officers who stand ready to protect us at a moment’s notice. Together, we can ensure the safety and security of our county and our nation.

Craig S. DuMond,