‘Eggcellent’ Recycling Tips


Egg cartons - they come in all colors, sizes, and materials. The most common materials we see are paper, foam, and plastic. Egg cartons perform the “eggstraordinary” job of transporting the fragile eggs from the chicken coop to your frying pan. Since not all recycling programs accept all types of cartons, each type of egg carton requires unique consideration before putting it in your recycling bin.

Purchase with Recyclability in Mind

How do you decide which eggs to buy at the grocery store? Is it the number of eggs in the carton, the brand, or other labeling that makes you reach? How about the material of an egg carton? Would you consider its future after all of the eggs are enjoyed? Purchasing with recyclability in mind doesn’t have to be eggsausting. Find out which egg carton material can be recycled in your area.

Choosing to Reuse

Have a type of egg carton that isn’t accepted by your local recycling program? Before you toss it, can you choose to reuse? Here are some ideas:

• Turn your plastic or paper egg cartons into a seed starter tray.

• Create something new with the used cartons: painter’s palette, paper mache or arts and crafts.

• Upcycle into storage/organization containers for small objects like jewelry, thumbtacks and paperclips.

• Compost paper cartons and egg shells.


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