DelCo dairy farm hosts nationwide virtual tour


STAMFORD - Albano Farms, in collaboration with American Dairy Association North East, hosted a virtual farm tour, which premiered nationally on Sept. 30. Over 17,000 students from 50 states viewed the live tour.

Students learn directly from farmers about life on a farm, how they care for cows, and sustainable dairy production. Participating educators received free lesson plans and other teaching materials along with virtual tour access.

At the Albano family farm, a “deep-dive” tour for students in grades six through 12 took place with dairy farmer Chris Albano. A second tour followed for students in grades kindergarten through fifth delivered by dairy farmers Chris, John, and Frank Albano.

The Albanos have approximately 350 dairy cows and operate a sustainable farm, according to the tour introduction.

Participating students were able to ask questions through a chat feature which the farmers responded to. Throughout the tour, students participated in polls with questions like how many hours a day do cows spend chewing food? or how many pounds does the average full-grown cow weigh? 

The Albano Farms tours can be viewed for free by visiting