Central Empire State Rifle and Pistol League match 6


In the sixth match of the Central Empire State Rifle and Pistol League for the 2023-24 season, Walton defeated Sidney, 1098-17X to 1040-20X, for the week ending Nov. 10.

High shooters for Walton were: Michael Noviello with a 283-4X, Bill McAdams with a 272-5X; Brian MacRabie who shot a 272-4X, and Glenn Bowker with a 271-4X.

Others shooting for Walton were Joe Yambor, Dennis Bennett, Jeff Yambor, Carl Banker, Kris Bowker, Ryan Boice, Steve Condon, John Noviello, and Steve Dutcher.

High scores for Sidney were Vinnie Guglielmo with a 271-5X, Jim Winn with a 260-7X; Eddie Cotton with a 255-5X; and Connor Sherman who shot a 254-3X.

Other Sidney shooters were Mike Terzo, Chuck Stith, Chris Curtin, and Bruce Gerken.

Stamford/Richmondville defeated Delhi 1100-24X to 965-7X.

High scores from Stamford/Richmondville were Steve Baker with a 278-5X, Carl Tubbs who shot a 275-10X, Harry Wyckoff with a 275-6X, and John Wyckoff with a 272-3X.

Other Stamford/Richmondville participants were Larry VanDeusen, David Ferris, Jan Hornbach, Judy Wyckoff, and Cliff Christman.

High shooters for Delhi were Kevin Gutliph with a 269-2X, Mabel Gutliph with a 262-1X, Dennis Klimowski with a 220-2X and Bret Sage with a 214-2X.

Oneonta defeated Rockdale 1063-15X to 1031-7X.

Top shooters for Oneonta were: Adam Nichols 277-3X; Allen Nichols 266-2X; Justin Nicholson 264-5X; and Carl Morganstern 256-5X.

Other Oneonta shooters were Charlie Lowe, Grant LaBarr, Don Fleming, Scott May, Bri May, Josh Groppe, Glenn Sullivan, David Gerowe, and Roland Groppe.

Top shooters for Rockdale were Pat Hawkins with a 265-1X, Rick Braun with a 262-2X, Dave Dewey with a 254-2X, and Steve Ingalls with a 250-2X.

Also shooting for Rockdale were Dave VanValkenburg, Ed Heath, Joe Ocasio, and Bonnie Budd.


Stamford/Richmondville 6-0

Walton 5-1

Oneonta 3-3

Rockdale 2-4

Delhi 1-5                 

Sidney 1-5