State Makes It Official – No Mask, No Service Required

No Mention Of Phase Two In Daily Press Conference


Governor Cuomo held his daily press briefing in Brooklyn on Thursday, and said he'd be signing an Executive Order giving business owners in the state the legal right to refuse admission to any customer not wearing a mask.

The state virus numbers continue to decline, and Cuomo said the focus now is on helping New York City meet the criteria necessary to begin reopening.

But COVID-19 is not gone, either upstate or down, and local officials continue to warn residents that wearing a mask and public distancing are essential to keep the virus in check.

Delaware County has seen more confirmed cases and a spike in mandatory quarantines since reopening two weeks ago. 

In Otsego County, there have been two new cases over the past four days. According to a press release from the county health deparment, both new cases are asymptomatic healthcare workers in a nursing home/adult home setting outside of the Otsego County. They are releasing no further information. 

Broome County's infection rate continues to climb, with many of the infections spreading through a nursing home in Vestal.

If the state sticks to its tentative calendar, much of the rest of the state, including Delaware County, could enter Phase Two of the reopening on Friday. So far, the state's Regional Dashboard indicates upstate continues to meet the criteria for phase one. Phase two would reopen most of the the remaining businesses, excepting restaurants and entertainment. The governor did not mention it on Thursday.



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