Reminder - Sporting licenses changing Aug. 1


As a reminder for hunters, trappers, and anglers, by Aug. 1, the paper used for sporting licenses and carcass tags will change from special stock (Valeron) to plain paper. This change will modernize the license purchasing process by allowing easier, quicker access to licenses and tags and offering at-home license and tag printing options for the increasing number of people who purchase their licenses online.   

Supply chain issues in recent years have made it increasingly more difficult and expensive for state fish and wildlife agencies to acquire Valeron, and many states have already successfully made the transition to plain paper licenses and tags. With these changes, customer have multiple options to obtain licenses and tags, keep up to date on emerging technologies, and reduce their carbon footprint. Customers will still be able to purchase licenses in all the same ways they do now (in-person at an issuing agent, online, or over the phone), but will have more flexibility in license delivery including printing at the point-of-sale or email and print-at-home. Additionally, when hunters and anglers are afield, proof of licensure can be shown electronically through the HuntFishNY mobile app. The HuntFishNY app is also a fast and easy way for hunters to report their game harvests.

This change is effective for the 2024-25 license year and will begin with sales starting just prior to Aug. 1. Additionally, lifetime license holders should expect to receive their 2024-25 licenses and tags on plain paper via mail by Sept. 1.