Readers and customers:


We, the owners of Decker Advertising, publishers of The Reporter, want you to know that we realize The Reporter provides an essential function as a reliable source of news. We understand the important role we play during this rapidly evolving public health emergency, and we take it very seriously. 

Breaking news related to the COVID-19 pandemic is free for anyone on our website.

During these difficult times we will do our jobs, bringing you not only the news regarding this pandemic, but will keep you informed about other important news in the local communities we all call home.

But we must also do our part to protect public health.

Like all businesses, in New York state, we must adjust the way we work. We have decided, for the health of our customers and our employees, to close our office to public walk-in traffic. 

While our door may be closed, WE ARE STILL OPEN. 

Our customers are welcome to call us at 607-464-4009 or 607-746-2178 to speak with an associate, during our revised business hours: Monday – Friday from 10-3. Some calls may be forwarded, as some of our associates are working from home.

To print edition subscribers of The Reporter, we are trying to prepare for all eventualities. For now, home delivery is uninterrupted, but that could change as guidelines and circumstances evolve. If you have internet capability, log on to either or – for access to real-time news updates, and continued access to all the news in the event that we are unable to deliver your hard copy issue. You will need a copy of your mailed edition for the information you need to register. Call us for help if you need assistance.

If you don’t already subscribe, now is the time to support your local news source. We are committed to keep you informed. We hope you’ll help us continue to do so, even during this difficult economic situation.

Become a supporter of local news. Our team of reporters has been working 24/7 to provide critical updates online. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Visit either or to purchase a subscription to your community news source.

Remember: we are all in this together.


Randy and Kim Shepard


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