Making connections:

DelCo Ag Specialist aids farmers


Delaware County Economic Development Agriculture Specialist Lindsay Whitbeck is the department’s liaison between farmers and agencies. Whitbeck is an experienced farmer and butcher. She also has experience in helping agricultural producers sustainably start or expand their operations.

In an ever-evolving agricultural landscape, farmers and agricultural producers are constantly faced with challenges, from changing weather patterns to fluctuating prices. One of the primary sources of relief for these challenges has been financing, whether through grants or loans, to support innovation and growth. However, navigating the complex world of financing can be daunting, leading to the necessity of specialized guidance. That’s where Whitbeck comes in.

She connects farmers and ag-related businesses to funding sources for their projects. 

Her in-depth knowledge and passion for farming have established her as a pivotal figure in the industry, bridging the gap between farmers and funding opportunities. This involves a deep understanding of guidelines, application processes, and funding criteria. Her expertise ensures that farmers are not just applying for grants and loans but are also successfully obtaining the funds they need for growth and sustainability.

The role of an agriculture specialist also involves making connections between farmers and other industry support agencies. She provides referrals for farmers, facilitating partnerships.

As Delaware County farmers look to diversify and adapt their operations to changing conditions, the role of an agriculture specialist grows in importance. The support can be a lifeline that farmers need, driving innovation, enhancing resilience, and ultimately securing a sustainable future for Delaware County agriculture.

Whitbeck has worked on a multitude of agriculture-focused projects including assisting a farm in Bovina with a business plan to develop a cheese-making creamery; and she has been working with Tiberio Custom Meats to develop a meat slaughtering and processing facility in Walton.

For more information about how Delaware County Economic Development Department can assist ag-centric businesses contact Whitbeck at 607-832-5213 or visit