If you care, leave them there


It’s spring, and as the weather gets warmer we will start seeing young birds as they begin to learn to fly and prepare to leave the nest. DEC would like to remind everyone that if you care, leave them there. Young songbirds may begin to make attempts to fly as young as two weeks of age. Starting with jumping and short flights, sometimes they miss their targets and may end up on the ground, or on the low branches of shrubbery. If you find a fledgling with feathers, chances are, the parents are nearby and keeping watch. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that pets and well-meaning humans are kept away from the area. As long as the young bird is alert and moving around, watch from a distance and do not intervene. If the bird has no feathers, is injured, weak, or the parents have not visited in a significant amount of time, contact a wildlife rehabilitator near you for advice on what to do next.