Hike smart - unexpected overnights


Hikers embarking on a shorter day hike may wonder if the hiking essentials are truly essential. The key is to remember that any day hike can unexpectedly turn into an overnight hike, so being prepared for that scenario is crucial.

That’s why a headlamp/flashlight/lantern is essential, along with extra batteries. Don’t rely on your phone flashlight, because the battery drains quickly when the flashlight feature is turned on and even quicker when temperatures drop as it gets dark out.

Headlamps are necessary for moments when you need maximum illumination like trail running, going through a more technical section of the trail, checking a map or looking for something in your pack, but your own night vision can be an incredible resource too and can help you preserve the battery of your headlamp. It can take up to 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Fun fact: You can actually see better in the dark through your peripheral vision because the rods in your eyes for dim light are more numerous in the periphery