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Formal Statement and Condemnation of the actions of the Memphis Police Officers


Delaware County, NY - Having reviewed the video regarding Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee, I feel a personal and professional moral duty to condemn unlawful police conduct.  As with the George Floyd case, I am issuing this public statement condemning the actions of the police officers involved.  I often spend time defending the vast majority of good, hard working honest officers so, I must condemn the conduct of bad police officers when I see it. 

After viewing the videos of the Memphis Police Officers' actions, it is very clear that the Murder Indictments are appropriate. 

Their actions tarnish the reputation of the hundreds of thousands of honest, decent police officers in this Country who do an honorable job each and every day.  Their outrageous and illegal conduct damages the hard work that has been done to rebuild trust between police and the communities they serve.  I, as well as the members of the Sheriff’s Office, are outraged and sickened, and understandably share the frustration being felt by the public.

Integrity is a core value of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.  Our members are professionally trained to treat people with respect, to show compassion and empathy, and to fiercely protect and safeguard their constitutional rights.   While sometimes we may encounter dangerous and unpredictable situations, I absolutely have no tolerance for any excessive use of force.  Deputies that violate our policies or break the law will always be held fully accountable.  The honor of the Sheriff’s Office and the trust of the public demand that. 

I am blessed by a diligent and professional team that carry this mission out on behalf of the honorable Office of Sheriff and the people of Delaware County.  Do not allow the actions of a few to tarnish your thoughts on the selfless service they provide.  In my humble opinion, their service is worthy of the public trust they work hard to uphold on a daily basis.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Nichols family, and we remain committed to serving our communities, showing dignity and respect for everyone.


Craig S. DuMond, Delaware County Sheriff




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