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The Paper Clip Project

Have you ever heard of the Paper Clip Project? It took place in Whitwell, Tenn. from 1997 to 2001. The project was about anti-judgement, anti-hatred. It was about compassion and understanding. As … more

FCC: ‘Drop Dead’

Two of our area’s newly elected representatives - Congressman Antonio Delgado and State Senator Jen Metzger - campaigned hard in 2018 on the issue of expanding broadband access to underserved … more

The Ugly, Hidden Truth

Fifty years ago I fought the Vietnam War on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS America operating in the Tonkin Gulf in 1968. I was an Aviation Electronics Petty Officer. I lost most of … more

Turn Down the Music

I recently attended a girls basketball game at Delaware Academy in Delhi. During half times and time outs very loud music was played. With the gym setting the noise echoes and is even louder. … more

Delaware County Board Of Supervisors

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors have proven themselves as of late to be a completely incompetent ruling body, devoid of any common sense or scruples. I site two recent examples of their … more

“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”

When someone works above and beyond the requirements of their job, you get accustomed to that level of devotion. Suddenly, although the work ethic is there and the job is competently performed, all … more

Read the Transcripts

The media bashing was eloquent. A few of the Supervisors nodded their heads along with the words. None besides the speaker and one who attended for his own testimony were present at any of the … more

Still Against Proposed DPW Site

Once again the topic of a new County DPW facility has been raised. The fact is that the present facilities are in a flood zone and in dire need of repair. Using inaccuracies to substantiate the … more

Sheriff Underpaid

No department has more responsibility nor provides more service to the people of Delaware County than that of the sheriffs department. Yet according to an article in The Reporter, Nov. 20, 2019, … more

Other Things May Cause Climate Change

Mr. Kaufman’s letter in the Nov. 13 2019 Reporter indicates that he is enthusiastic about a certain candidate and his plan for climate control. That the candidate is in favor of socialism is not … more

Veterans Coverage Appreciated

Your coverage of Veterans Day was beautiful. I was especially moved by the perhaps unconscious placement of the coverage of the demonstration held in Delhi. My father and thousands of others fought … more

Climate Change Needs To Be Addressed

Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper for speculators, The Wall Street Journal, has started to freak out about climate collapse. Appropriately on Halloween they reported, “The swings in PG&E [northern … more

Anti-Green Light

It’s green light season. I put out an anti-green light. Let me explain: A green light is supposed to show support for our troops. Huh? When my son was in Afghanistan (or Iraq or Kosovo) neither … more


I would like to remind all my elected officials and political subdivisions of the government of one of the most fundamental protections of the Constitution. The right of free speech. The right to … more

Rose Supports Paul

I am proud to support our Republican candidate for the Sidney Town Clerk Sheila Paul. Sheila’s campaign has been one with positive communication, facts and truth. Sheila does have the experience … more

Town of Sidney Residents

My name is Frank Selleck and I am a town of Sidney Councilman. After obtaining an AAS in Marketing from SUNY Delhi, I spent two years as a Vietnam era Veteran. Upon an honorable discharge, I was … more

Mission: Experience, Transparency, and Honesty

This year the Sidney voters have an opportunity to choose between two candidates for the position of town clerk-the incumbent, Lisa French, or the winner of the primary, Sheila Paul. Eight years ago … more


I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful news coverage you provided with the recent Heart of the Catskills Shelter walk fundraiser celebration. Lillian Browne has the gift of submersing … more

Residents of Sidney Township

This coming Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, the residents of Sidney will be called upon to make one of the most important choices in Sidney’s recent history, as they cast their vote for Town … more

We’re In Trouble

There are specific methods to resolve conflicts. Major corporations spend millions on conflict resolution methods. Unions give seminars. Partnerships have classes and counselors. Every time there is … more
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