2019-04-10 / Sports

Rosie’s Rounds

By Rosie Cunningham

I forgot how fickle baseball and softball season is.

I headed out to a game Monday evening only to arrive to a canceled game due to field conditions - I suspect this will not be the first time that will happen.

Some standout teams I have witnessed this week includes the Charlotte Valley and Stamford girls - the Lubber sisters and Lexie Cobb are true standouts and the squad is well coached.

The South Kortright boys will be a challenge to beat this year, but even hard to beat next year as some of the younger athletes are the best of the bunch. It was great to see Logan Firment hit a grand slam as a ninth grader and Patrick Dengler, an underclassman, is impressive from the hill.

Please send fishing pictures so we can feature angler’s catches form the area.

I would like to thank Rich Michalski for supplying me with track and field scores and would love to have coaches send me an e-mail regarding tennis results.

The local track talent is deep and I am particularly impressed with Unatego leggers, Delaware Academy, Downsville and CV/ SK/Andes and Bainbridge Guilford runners in particular.

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