2019-04-10 / Letters

Trustee Invited To Legion Meeting

An article that appeared in The Reporter a short while ago by Rosie Cunningham had mentioned perceived issues from a village trustee between the Legion and the village.

The Trustee quoted in the article was Jeremy Fitch. Mr Fitch stated that he was “Not happy,” with how the Legion worked with the village and residents.

Mr. Fitch also stated, “They are not working with the community and put up all sorts of roadblocks,” As noted in the article, “He declined to discuss the matter further.”

In my opinion, wishing to not discuss the matter further means, “I don’t have any facts to support what I’m saying so therefore, I’ll stop with this incorrect information I just stated.”

As Commander of Post 190, Mr. Fitch, you are welcomed to come to one of our meetings, first Monday of every month at 6 p.m. and we will be very happy to discuss facts and educate you as to what we do in our relationship with the village. In fact, I wish you and your fellow trustees would attend and we could educate you all on what the Legion does for this community.

If you’re truly concerned about your role as a trustee and member of the village I hope to see you at one of our meetings. I know you will be enlightened by how much the Legion does in giving back to the community.

When discussing issues facts can be a wonderful tool.




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