2019-03-13 / Letters

Terrifying Future

I have seen the future and it is absolutely terrifying. The future I speak of is the socialist version of our country as endorsed by the slate of candidates vying for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential candidacy. Not only does the party slavishly approve od A.O.C.’S Green New Deal, which wouild undoubtedly bankrupt our nation and cause total chaos to our society, but also they embrace other candidates nauseating visions of the murder of newborn babies fresh from the womb and the legalization of prostitution.

You may ask how the party of J.F.K. has degenerated into a cabal of wild-eyed radicals? The answer is simply hate; hatred of President Trump who in 2016 had the unmitigated gaul to defeat Hillary Clinton. Has the president in the past two years caused the country to sink into a depression where breadlines are the norm and lawless bands roam the streets? Quite the total opposite. The United States is experiencing record breaking economic prosperity with minimum unemployment, a reinvigorated military, and most importantly has regained the respect of the worldwide community.

Sadly, in the midst of this economic boom, the Democrat controlled congress does not seem to have any concrete proposals for the advancement of our sociatal conditions. The aforementioned congress sits like a united group of curmudgeons, dedicated to the task of uncovering any tidbits of dirt that may serve to sully President Trump’s reputation.

The choices we face are: on the one hand we support President Trump’s prosperity of our nation and his love of all things American, or do we take the road to economic doom with the angry Democrats?


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