2019-03-13 / Front Page

Ice Shanties Must be Removed by March 15

All ice fishing shanties must be removed from ice on water bodies by March 15. Shanties that fall partially through the ice may be difficult to remove and also create hazards for snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles on the ice. Shanties that remain after the ice has melted away (ice out) also present navigation hazards for boats.

State regulations that require ice shanties to be removed are based on the average date when good ice still exists on waters, not on the actual thickness of ice. Shanties must be removed by March 15 even if the ice on a water body is still thick.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) can ticket shanty owners who don’t remove their shanties, and they face a maximum possible fine of $100.

Note: After March 15, ice fishing shanties can be taken on and off the ice when in use, but cannot be left empty on the ice.

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