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Franklin Town Board Considers Alternate Location For Office, Court

By Sara Andros

The structure on Main Street in Franklin that is being considered as a new location for town of Franklin offices and court. Erik Berggren/The Reporter The structure on Main Street in Franklin that is being considered as a new location for town of Franklin offices and court. Erik Berggren/The Reporter Supervisor Jeff Taggart announced a change in direction at the March 5 town of Franklin regular meeting in Treadwell. The board had previously been looking to construct an addition or a new structure to house offices and the town court; both options were extremely expensive. Instead of building new structures, the board is now considering purchasing a property on Main Street in the village just down from Two Brothers Pizza.

Taggart said that the house, owned by Chris Downin, is in good shape and would be suit- able for offices and a courtroom. It would be large enough and there is plenty of room for a parking lot in the back. It is also centrally located and has space for future development if needed.

Taggart said that the building could be purchased without having to borrow additional money, but will require some updates and modifications. The board would like to use local contractors to do the renovations, if possible. Taggart will provide the board with a floor plan of the property and the proposed updates so a final decision can be made.

In other business:

• The board voted to have Assessor James Basile begin the reevaluation process for the town since one has not been done since 2005. Basile recommended that it be done because the state is encouraging all municipalities to have periodic reappraisals.

• The town has hired Penny Constable as its new Dog Control Officer.

• Deputy Superintendent of Highways James Archibald said the sand pile is becoming depleted and will need to be replenished. He also reported that he got two quotes for software for the highway department vehicles.

The board voted to accept the bid from Diesel Laptops, LLC for the purchase of a computer system. The system would cover all town on - and off-road vehicles and machinery. The department hopes to save money by having its own diagnostic abilities.

Archibald also said that they are continuing to look for a grader; the boards prior resolution to allocate $80,000 for the purchase remains in effect.

• Town Councilmen Dwight Bruno and Donald Smith completed the audit of the town books and everything was in order. Bruno and Taggart will audit the judge’s books soon.

• The Franklin Recreation Commission has had a successful basketball season and will start the baseball program soon. The swimming pool has been repaired, but volunteers are needed to help recover the pipes. There will be another “Pies for the Pool” fundraiser at the bank in the near future and it is hoped that the school will have classes use the pool. However, the Commission is struggling to find lifeguards for the swimming pool which will open in early spring, weather permitting. There are some scholarships for the lifeguard certification course which includes first aid training.

• Treadwell Water Operator Brinton Mueller said that the annual water quality reports have been sent to the New York State Department of Health. The use of soda ash to control the corrosion of the pipes has been resumed.

• There was a public meeting of the planning board on March 7 to discuss business proposals for a used car lot and a dog kennel.

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