2019-02-06 / News

Storm Results In 34 Accidents And One Death In Del. Co.

By Rosie Cunningham

DELAWARE COUNTY - Last week an icy, wet storm wreaked havoc on county and state roads in Delaware County. There were numerous vehicular accidents and one death in the town of Hamden on Jan. 29.

According to Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond, there were a total of 34 accidents and disabled vehicles reported to 911 as a result of the Tuesday through Wednesday storm.

“State Route 206 (Bear Spring Mountain) in Walton and State Route #357 (Franklin Mountain) were both closed for a period of time to clear roadways of disabled vehicles and allow for snow removal,” said DuMond. “State Route 10 was also closed for several hours during our investigation of the fatal accident involving the tractor trailer.”

DuMond discussed some basic reasons that it is essential for motorists to stay off the roads during severe weather.

“For their safety and the safety of others, including highway department crews and first responders,” he said. “Motorists becoming involved in an accident, or their vehicles becoming disabled due to the weather conditions, resulting in a potential for the motorists becoming stranded for a period of time before emergency responders can locate, access and provide them necessary assistance or care.”

He said if an accident occurs and there is no service, hypothermia could become a factor for a potential victim. It puts emergency responders at risk who become involved in an accident or while responding to assist disabled motorists or those involved in accidents. He added there can be unseen hazards, including other disabled motorists and pedestrians, in the roadway that may be obscured by falling snow or white-out conditions. Without motorists on the roadways during particularly dangerous storms, highway crews can more effectively and expeditiously clear the roadways.

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