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Not Happy With Ms. Metzger

Ms. Metzger, how dare you pat yourself on the back for passing such horrid legislation? I am outraged enough to overcome my laziness and speak out for those in our community and country who cannot speak for themselves. I am speaking for the infants who have been legislated against by the passage of the three bills that you have so proudly applauded with your opinion piece and the tower of the One World Trade Center lit up in pink. How bold - to announce your disregard for human life. Do not fool yourselves. I am not even going to go into the arguments you made about “supposed” reproductive health care. Abortion is not healthcare. Taking an innocent human life is wrong - abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. Therefore, abortion is wrong. I don’t care how you slice it or what kind of smokescreens you put up. Have you seen a maternity ultrasound? That heartbeat might give you a clue that it is a real human (a person with a body of his/ her own) inside that womb, still developing but no less valuable, just as my own daughter who has not developed into a woman yet and can’t do higher math isn’t any less valuable than a state senator. Do I have the right to kill her because it is my choice? The “my body, my choice” argument holds no water, because it is not the woman’s body.

It sounds so nice and tolerant to let women choose for themselves, but it is not nice for the unborn and ultimately it is not fair to the women, because abortion is a uniquely devastating and dangerous decision. If I told you I didn’t believe that gravity was real, and went to the top of a building to prove it to you, it would be unkind of you to NOT tell me I was wrong. You wouldn’t let me hurt myself if you knew I was wrong - that would be unkind. And yet we let women do it, but “wouldn’t personally choose it.” I wouldn’t personally kill my toddler, but you can kill yours (that’s the logic)!

Letting people who are not doctors perform the abortion is good for women? Decriminalizing the violence towards women and the unborn is good for women? If we truly believe in empowering women then we should remind them of how capable they are to provide for the babies God has blessed them with, regardless of the circumstances and difficulties associated with the pregnancy.

I do agree that we need to care for women before, during, and after pregnancy and there are so many crisis pregnancy centers and churches willing to help and not judge. After all, we all have sinned in one way or another. “There is forgiveness for individual sinners. There’s judgment for societies that lead their young ones astray,”- Joel Belz, from “Bad Bargain” Sept. 30, 2016, World Magazine. We should commit ourselves to supporting a culture of life.

The very same page of The Reporter had the title “Senator Metzger Announces Passage of Child Victims Act.” Do you not see the irony? It is so good that you care for victims of child abuse. What about the victims in the womb? And you care about children at the border being ripped from their mother’s arms, but not our own citizens from their mother’s womb? To be prolife means you care about it in every stage and in every instance - whether it is voting against racism, economic injustice, or protecting the environment, the elderly, even animals left out in the cold. We can protect bald eagles and polar bears, but not our own babies? I find it hard to trust your judgment on other issues when you have so poorly misjudged this one, important issue.

When our nation was young we called the Native Americans “savages” to justify removing them from their land and taking it for ourselves. The South needed to justify slavery and called it their “peculiar institution,” and “a positive good.” If we call a baby anything other than what it is (alive and kicking!) and abortion anything other than murder, we are fooling ourselves.



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Well said. The citizens of NY

Well said. The citizens of NY should stand up and take action to remove this stain on our collective morality.