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Residents Criticize Walton Over Street Renaming

By Lillian Browne

Residents of a section of Bruce Street, now known as Clark Street, challenged Walton trustees on Jan. 7 for renaming a private road. Lillian Browne/The Reporter Residents of a section of Bruce Street, now known as Clark Street, challenged Walton trustees on Jan. 7 for renaming a private road. Lillian Browne/The Reporter WALTON - Residents of a section of Bruce Street in the village of Walton questioned, criticized and lashed out at Walton Trustees over a decision to rename a section of Bruce Street at a meeting on Jan. 7.

Residents of the privately-owned portion of Bruce Street, not maintained by the village of Walton, at 70, 70-2 and 70-3, criticized the village for renaming the section of roadway Clark Street upon the recommendation of Delaware County 911.

Brian MacRabie, who lives at 70-2 Bruce Street, told trustees that he just moved into the residence and had his pistol permit, driver’s license, all utility bills, etc. changed to reflect the Bruce Street address when he received a letter stating his address is now 4 Clark Street.

Kelly McGowan recently purchased one of the homes, renumbered 66 Bruce Street from the 70 Bruce Street block, identified such in closing documents and deed and then received notification from the village that the address was changed to Clark Street.

John Masseo, who lives at 70 Bruce Street, chastised trustees saying, “It’s a private road. It’s not a street. You have to own the property to make it a street. The property is not for sale.” Masseo told trustees they are in violation of village code by deeming a non-municipal owned roadway a “street.” Likewise, he told trustees, they made the decision to rename the section of roadway at a meeting held in December, when none of the property owners were present.

Representing Delaware County Emergency Services, Dallis Wright said it was not acceptable to leave the properties numbered 70-1, -2, and -3. “If someone is having a cardiac event, we don’t have time to find out where to go. You can not get to 70 Bruce Street with GPS,” she explained.

Wright has spoken with the Walton postmaster and each residence is receiving mail at the previously designated Bruce Street addresses.

McGowan said her concern was not about getting mail. She is more concerned about emergency services being able to find her home if there is a need.

Heated discussion ensued when Mayor Ed Snow told Wright that the village makes address determinations, not Delaware County Emergency Services.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that two of the homes can be found with GPS as 66 and 68 Bruce Street. The two other homes, Snow said, are not found by GPS. That’s why the portion was redesignated as Clark Street. In agreement with Wright, Snow said it does not make sense for Clark Street to be designated between two driveways.

The section of roadway in dispute was originally designated as Clark Street when tax map numbers were assigned to properties, Snow further explained the decision to rename the entire section of roadway.

“It’s hard to make everybody happy when everybody wants a different address,” Snow said.

Though the name change was unanimously agreed to by trustees in December, Snow has promised to consult with village attorney Dave Merzig to see if there is a more agreeable way to renumber the homes.

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