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FM 92.1 - Oneonta?

Retirement can be a wonderful thing. No one begrudges someone who has attained this level in their career the opportunity to live on their own time schedule - unless they have animals, but that’s a whole different story.

Things change.

Calling WDLA (92.1) a “Walton” station now is a joke. Several weeks ago one could get local interviews, news of local organizations, notices of schools and libraries, police reports, DPW road closing and local weather regularly, at least several time a morning.

The weather report is now about Oneonta and Cooperstown. That weather along the Susquehanna River is very different from the weather along the Delaware River. Any third grader could predict with as much accuracy what the “Walton” sta- tion now give us as a weather report. They’ve been as much as 20 to 30 degrees off and to say there a chance of snow in Delaware County between November and March is no great feat.

The station has no problem in accepting local advertising. That’s in their interest. There are school closing and some announcements about programs, outings, and openings, but it’s a smattering and sporadic.

Things change. It’s no longer a Walton station. Call it what it is: an Oneonta station and weather with Walton advertising. It’s not a shadow of its old self.

Note: a copy of this letter has been sent to Townsquare Media, 34 Chestnut Street, Oneonta, NY 13820.



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