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Delaware County Board Adopts 2019 Budget

By Rosie Cunningham

DELAWARE COUNTY - The Delaware County Board of Supervisors adopted the 2019 budget during the Nov. 28 monthly meeting.

The budget totals $103,214,870 and the tax levy will be $32,176,540, an increase of 1.4833 percent.

At the end of the meeting, it was determined that Colchester Supervisor and Delaware County Budget Coordinator Art Merrill overestimated worker’s compensation expenses by $24,365 in the tentative budget and the adjustment resulted in a smaller increase in the property tax levy than initially expected.

Kristin Janke-Schneider, environmental planner, discussed local stewardship and effective watershed management.

Janke-Schneider emphasized the importance of long term land management, open space, agriculture and natural resourcebased businesses. She outlined the 2016 census for American

Community Survey which included the population, the median age and total housing units, and additional figures. She pointed out that a diminishing population and a struggling economic base threaten the county’s continuing role of watershed stewardship. She added that

Delaware County comprises nearly 50 percent of the Westof Hudson Watershed and is home to three reservoirs - the

Schoharie, the Pepacton and the Cannonsville.

She itemized the next steps for watershed management which included continuation and enhancement of water shed programs.

The county planning board will host a three-member delegation from the National Academy of Sciences next month for a tour of Delaware County and its resources as part of a committee review of watershed protection programs.

Janke-Schneider invited supervisors and other individuals to meet with the delegation on Friday, Dec. 14, from 9 a.m. to noon in the board room of the Senator Charles D. Cook County Office Building in Delhi.

In resolutions: the supervisors unanimously voted in favor of creating a Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force to combat the current opioid epidemic.

Delaware County Public Health Services Director Amanda Walsh said the task force will initially target opioid addiction and overdose deaths and work on preventative issues and campaigns.

The task force is to be chaired by the county health department and will include representatives from local hospitals, schools and police, along with county departments of mental health, substance abuse, emergency services, social services, veterans’ affairs, probation and the sheriff.

The next board of supervisors meeting will be Dec. 12 at 1 p.m.

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