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Stamford Meet-and-Greet Welcomes 17 New Businesses

By Rosie Cunningham

Delaware County Chamber President Ray Pucci addressed the room at the Stamford Business Group Meet-and-Greet Thursday evening. Rosie Cunningham/The Reporter Delaware County Chamber President Ray Pucci addressed the room at the Stamford Business Group Meet-and-Greet Thursday evening. Rosie Cunningham/The Reporter STAMFORD - During a Stamford Business Group Meet-and- Greet Thursday evening, 17 new businesses were welcomed in the village.

Stamford community member and avid volunteer Jim Kopp hosted the event, introducing each of the businesses and he discussed why it is important that they be highlighted in a small village such as Stamford.

Mac-A-Doodles, Coffee Roads, Tire Shop, Tandem Antiques, Salinsky’s Smoke House, Speedy’s Coins, the Daniel J. Palm Teen Center, the Catskill Veteran’s Outreach Center, the Delaware Inn, M&M Motors, MacArthur Funeral Home, The Grand Nursing Home, The Grand Senior Center, Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve, Osmos, the Garden Path and Sunrise Spray Foam are the new businesses which were recognized at the event, which was catered by Ulla Wagner and Patricia Heath.

Not all of the businesses are entirely “new” - some have expanded or ownership has changed hands. Kopp emphasized that this should be celebrated as well.

“During these times, someone buying an existing business, expanding a business or making changes to an existing one should be acknowledged,” he said.

Mac-A-Doodles, owned by Michelle and Chris Caiazza, is not new, but certainly is improved. They relocated to the corner of state Route 23 and state Route 10 in the village across from Stewart’s Shops. The business has expanded and has new items.

On June 1, Daniel J. Palm Teen Center officially opened at 66 Main Street. The location allows teens of all faiths to kick back, socialize and enjoy themselves at a cool, secure and positive environment. The location is supported by the Sacred Heart and St. Philip Neri parishes. Daniel J. Palm, an active member of the church, was present at the meetand greet and said so far, more teens than he anticipated have utilized the location.

Chris Caiazza, of Sunrise Heating Fuels Inc. spoke about Sunrise Spray Foam, a new business. He discussed the value of spray foam and said “it’s air proof, moisture proof - nothing gets through.”

“We do floors, walls, ceilings and attics and recently, even insulated a hunting cabin,” he said, and added that he is excited about the new venture.

Tandem Antiques and Design, 119 Main Street, Stamford is owned by Steve and Hilary Eklund who also have a shop in Hudson. The couple have been in the antique business for more than 20 years and it is very much a family affair as Steve Eklund’s parents, Deborah and Carl, have been in the antique trade for decades.

The Stamford Smokehouse LLC is back in business officially and although they are still USDA certified under the Stamford Smokehouse name, their business on Main Street will be called Salinsky’s - named after owner Michael Solyn’s family business. Solyn owns the operation with his wife Caitlan Grady and they process meat and offer an array of delectable meat options - some of which were available for samples at the meet-and-greet.

Speedy’s Coins is owned by Nora LiSanti and Louis Ortiz and has a bit of everything at 85 Main Street. From jewelry to coins, collectibles to gold, silver and so much of in-between.

“We want to be here for the community so they don’t have to run to Oneonta for a last minute gift,” said LiSanti. “Also, we buy and sell coins, gold and silver.”

Louis has loved coins since he was a young boy and over the years, the passion has grown.

The business is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the holiday season and on Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

The Garden Path is a barn venue on Gaffey Road in Harpersfield, operated by Dusty and Eileen King. According to Kopp, the venue brings visitors into town who shop at local businesses and said it is a significant part to the Stamford village economy due to its existence.

The Grand Nursing Home and Grand Senior Center (Robinson Terrace nursing facilities) are under new ownership. According to board member Kevin Hull, he believes the new owners will continue to operate under the Robinson Terrace namesake due to the relevance the business name has within the community.

Osmos, owned by Sophie Rabinowitz, is on Railroad Avenue in Stamford and is a community arts initiative.

Paul Decker, funeral director at the MacArthur Funeral Home in Stamford introduced himself and said he is more than happy with the new location on Railroad Avenue in the village.

He said it is “comfortable, has great parking and is handicap accessible.”

“It is an honor to be able to serve you,” he said to those present.

“We need to celebrate these new businesses and work together with the existing ones within the area,” said Kopp.

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