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Flu Vaccine ‘Highly Recommended’ For Health and Safety

By Rosie Cunningham

The flu vaccination is “highly recommended” by individuals in the medical field.

“Yes, yes, yes,” said Carol Howard, employee health and infection control nurse at O’Connor Hospital in Delhi. “It is the best way to prevent the flu. This, along with adequate rest, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle - the balance of all these factors, good hand washing hygiene, as well as good nutritional intake allows our bodies to do the work to stay healthy this flu season.”

Howard said the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) recommends that individuals six months and older get vaccinated each year.

“If someone who gets a flu vaccine gets the flu, it’s not as severe,” she said. “We have scientific research that can back this up.”

On Sept. 29, O’Connor Hospital hosted a flu clinic and for those who are still interested in getting a shot, Howard said “Just call and make an appointment. We like to hold these clinics by about Oct. 1 because it takes about two weeks to get the necessary protection.”

So far this season, Howard said she does not believe there have been any deaths due to complications of influenza. However, she said last year, there were 183 children who died, in the nation.

“That’s just devastating,” she said.

So far, Howard said there has been no shortage of flu shot. She said that only happens if the demand is greater than production as it was in 2009 with H1N1.

Many individuals fear the flu shot because they believe it can potentially cause the flu.

“That’s just not true, but your temperature can spike slightly,” she said. “This is because the body thinks it is being injected with the disease. So, if the virus attacks, it’s already made antibodies as a result of the vaccine and therefore can protect the body from influenza.”

The Reporter reached out to Delaware County Public Health on multiple occasions, via phone and email regarding flu recommendations and has received no response.

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