2018-10-10 / Sports

Delhi Sporterrifles Bow to Outdoor Sportsmen

The Delhi Sporterrifles team now has a 1-1 record after a 1,383-1,362 defeat at the hands of the Outdoor Sportsmen.

Tom Whittaker led the Delhi squad with a score of 280, Mabel Gutliph had 278, Kevin Gutliph 270, Bryan Fitch Jr. 268 and Jeremy Dean 266.

Also shooting were Roland Groppe, Joe Sackett, M.J. Coloney,

Rob Anderson, Stephen Morganstern, Bret Sage, Kristy Fitch and Seth LaPierre.

Shooting for the Delhi juniors were Garrett Fitch with a 263, Aiden Anderson 237 and Kara Fitch 95.

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