2018-10-10 / Sports

CESRPL Pistols Open Season

Walton, Rockdale, and Stamford/ Richmondville were winners in the first week of the CESRPL Pistol League.

Walton defeated Sidney, 1,079 (18X)-1,036 (13X) Glenn Bowker led the way at 283 (7X), followed by Kris Bowker 272 (4X), Brian MacRabie 264 (7X) and Bill McAdams 260. Also shooting for Walton were Will Sulger, Al Budine, Samantha Bowker and Helga Newman. High shooters for Sidney were Jim Driscoll 269 (6X), Eddie Cotton 257 (2X), Erwin Smith IV 255 (3X) and David Short 255 (2X). Also shooting for Sidney were Bruce Gerken, Ernie Griswold and Erwin Smith III.

Rockdale defeated Oneonta, 1,044 (10X)-1,034 (6X). Rick Braun paced Rockdale at 271 (5X), followed by Dave Dewey 267 (1X), Tom Rees 256 and Pat Hawkins 250 (4X). Also shooting for Rockdale were Steve Ingalls, Wendy Conway, Rick Jaycoxk J.P. Dewey, Eli Kelly, Don Corbett, Joe Ocasio and Jess Bouton. Leading Oneonta were Don Fleming 263 (2X), Scott May 262 (2X), Charlie Lowe 258 (2X) and Tim Donovan 251. Also shooting for Oneonta were Ken Soden, Grant LaBarr, Glenn Sullivan, Ian Gallagher, Don Nickerson, Eric Groh, Roland Groppe, Laura Dohner and Wes Fleming.

S/R, the defending champions, defeated Delhi, 1,126 (25X)- 1,046 (11X). Their top shooter sas Cori Tubbs at a league high with 286 (4X), followed by Harry Wyckoff 281 (9X), Cliff Christman 280 (7X), and Jim Hitt 279 (4X). Also shooting for S/R were Larry VanDeusen, Jason Cammer, Maynard Vance, Jan Hornbach, Judy Wyckoff, David Ferris, Ric Cammer, Mark Gifford and Matt Ferris.

Leading the Delhi shooters was Bob Anderson at 270 (3X), followed by Fred Stanton 26 (4X), Tom Whittaker 265 (3X) and Dennis Klimoski 245 (1X). Also shooting for Delhi were Fred Robertson, Rob Anderson and Anthony Adamo.

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