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DPW Commissioner Wayne Reynolds Retires From Post

Solid Waste Director Susan McIntyre to be Appointed
By Rosie Cunningham
DELHI - Delaware County Department of Public Works (DPW) Commissioner Wayne Reynolds will be retiring from his post effective immediately and after the organizational meeting at the conclusion of the 2018 year, Delaware County Solid Waste Director Susan McIntyre will take the helm of the DPW as the new commissioner.
During the Delaware County Board of Supervisors meeting today, George Haynes, the Kortright Town Supervisor, made the announcement officially and stood up on behalf of the DPW Committee and read a statement aloud regarding Reynold’s retirement.
“The commissioner has provided Delaware County with monumental service. Following his direction, he has left the DPW staff highly capable and deeply committed to public service,” said Haynes. “He has implemented substantial and unprecedented reconstruction of the county’s bridges. He has supported road resurfacing and year-round maintenance of highways, provided assistance to other departments and municipalities and he revitalized the solid waste department from impending closure to long-term viability.”
Haynes said Commissioner Reynolds has been there when the county “needed him most” and provided a meaningful financial buffer to “help us quite literally weather our storms - that is the legacy that Mr. Reynolds has left us with.”
“His loyalty to our county allows us to stand proudly on the strength of our public infrastructure and the strength of the employees of our own DPW,” said Haynes.
The Kortright Supervisor said residents should recognize and be proud, that under the guidance of Reynolds, the county utilizes “our own resources, ingenuity and implements work done by the hands of people within the county.”
“I am proud of what we accomplished with the vision and leadership of Mr. Reynolds,” said Haynes. “My great sadness that he is stepping down is only tempered by the confidence that he is leaving the department in capable hands.  Mr. Reynolds earned his retirement and has left us with great people to take the DPW helm.”
Haynes added that the DPW Committee will be “sponsoring the appointment” of McIntyre at the organizational meeting in the new year. Meanwhile, he said the Deputy DPW Commissioner Jared Boice will be taking the lead with the support of the staff in the DPW department.
“We are confident the department will remain on task,” he said.

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