2018-09-12 / Outdoor Life

More Doe Tags Available This Year, So Plan Your Deer Hunt

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reports that it is increasing the statewide allocation of deer management permits (DMPs) for antlerless harvest by about eight percent over what was issued last year.

Hunters should see DEC’s DMP “Availability and Probability of Selection” to review the target allocation of DMP’s for each wildlife management unit (WMU), and to anticipate the odds of being selected for a tag.

There is no need to rush out to be the first in line, though, as chances of obtaining a tag is the same throughout the entire application period. Just be sure to apply before the Oct. 1 deadline.

Every year, DEC wildlife biologists compile “Deer Season Forecasts” for each WMU which are available on the website. These can be used to help plan the hunt, or just to keep up with what is happening with deer hunting in your area.

DEC biologists are excited to find that more hunters are opting to voluntarily pass on shots at young, small-antlered bucks. As a result, hunters are now taking more older bucks than ever before. Hunters can continue to see and take more older bucks, simply by choosing to “Let Young Bucks Go and Watch Them Grow,” and encouraging neighbors and hunting partners to do the same.

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