2018-09-12 / Opinion

Let kindness take root again

A friend just sent me a photo of an orange sign that relates to our Superintendent on leave at present.

There is apparently little awareness of the consequences of such behavior on the part of the mean-spirited people doing this.

First, other communities and school districts view us extremely negatively because of such actions; descriptors like “yahoos,” “coarse,” and “ignorant” abound. Worst of all, I hear “What can you expect? It’s Walton...”

Believe it or not, the rage and spite of a few is costing us all. The bullying by the few is resulting in far too many “bystanders”; our children learn everyday in school not to bully — and not to be the bystander. Additionally, this is cruel behavior toward a family dealing with a remarkably difficult personal and professional crisis. There is apparently no limit to what a few are willing to inflict on this family. Further, if anyone in this community thinks this will aid us in securing a new Superintendent or other administrators, you could not be more mistaken. Superintendents, Boards, building administrators, and BOCES DSs across the state know of the hostile environment in this community, thanks to the behavior of a core of people here on social media. Every negative display like this decreases WCSD’s opportunity to attract new administrators, who want to imagine that this might perhaps be the welcoming community they’ve been seeking.

Incidentally, there is a large contingent of Walton folk who disagree with and are offended by the actions of this vindictive group. They shake their heads, marveling at the cruelty so easily expressed in our hometown. It should be considered beneath us all.

For the good of our community, let it rest. Post no more signs that hurt each other. Let the kindness that used to flourish here take root again.


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Judy Breese- this is very

Judy Breese- this is very well said. Kindness does flourish here - among sooooo many great folks. It is sad that a vocal few can create such ripples of hostility. Thank YOU for your kind- hearted community spirit. We don't all have to think alike, but we have to live in surroundings that can be very pleasant - we have terrific natural beauty in our midst. Our dedication to being tolerant and helpful to others can make situations better not worse.