2018-09-12 / Academics

Sidney CSD has New Secure Vestibules for District Visitors

The Sidney Central School District has announced the completion of a New York state funded Smart Schools capital project.

As a result of this project, the district now has secure vestibules for the elementary and high school buildings. The vestibules meet state and federal safety standards. These secure vestibules will provide one point of entry into both buildings during the school day.

All parents, guardians, and community members are required to utilize only these entries. No other doors in the buildings will be opened. This will greatly improve student and staff safety.

All persons accessing the building will be required to enter into the secure vestibule. Most reasons for visiting the school can be handled in the vestibule. To request access into the schools, identification such as a driver’s license will be required in order to generate a destination indicated badge within the school building.

Identification will be held in the secure vestibule until the appointment has ended. Leaving through the secure vestibule is required as well.

Understanding and support of the single point of entry system to improve building security is appreciated.

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