2018-09-12 / Academics

Catch Me if You Can....

Patty Wood/The Reporter Patty Wood/The Reporter Traditionally, Mrs. Carey’s second grade class at Walton’s Townsend Elementary School makes a “gingerbread man” game the first week of school for the Mrs. VanBuren’s kindergarten students. This year, more students were involved. Mrs. Maxwell’s fifth graders read “The Gingerbread Man” book to the second grade classes, and made clues for the kindergarten classes to follow to find Gingerbread Man. The second grade classes of Mrs. Bauer, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Dutcher and Mrs. Ammon and Mrs. LeBarge’s third grade class baked the pieces to make the gingerbread man. Mrs. LeBarge’s class also made “Missing” signs to hang in the hallway to increase the suspense during the “hunt.” The kindergarten teachers - Mrs. Condon, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Stinson and Mrs. VanBuren - read the book to their students before setting out on an adventure through the school to find him. The clues took them to the cafeteria, the library, the computer lab and finally to Mr. Snider’s office, because the Gingerbread Man was sent to the principal’s office for running in the hall. The children were thrilled with the game, and seeking the Gingerbread Man, and they were even more thrilled when they got to share him with older schoolmates on Friday at snack time. The baking classes and the kindergarten classes got together and shared gingerbread with milk. Their “thumbs up” in the above photo shows their appreciation for the game and the snack. From left in a circle: Xander Merwin, Javontae Anthony, Jeremiah Clark, Kate Bowker, Lena Storrer and Kylie Constable.

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