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Section IX Goes to 8-Man Football This Fall

Eight football teams in Section IX will be playing 8-man football this fall. The teams are Roscoe/ Livingston Manor/Downsville (R/LM/D), Sullivan West (SW), Tri-Valley (T-V), Eldred, Fallsburg, Dover, Pawling and Pine Plains/Rhinebeck (PPR). The new league will play seven games and two playoff weeks.

In the first week, R/LM/D will play at PPR, Eldred will be at Sullivan West, Pawling at Fallsburg and Dover at Tri-Valley.

In week two, SW will be at R/ LM/D, T-V at Eldred, Fallsburg at Dover and PPR at Pawling.

The third week will find Dover at R/LM/D, Pawling at SW, Fallsburg at T-V and Eldred at PPR.

In week four, R/LM/D will be at Eldred, SW at Dover, PPR at Fallsburg and T-V at Pawling.

The fifth week will see Fallsburg at R/LM/D, T-V at SW, Pawling at Eldred and Dover at PPR.

In week six, R/LM/D will be at Pawling, SW at Fallsburg, PPR at T-V and Eldred at Dover.

The seventh week will find R/ LM/D at T-V, SW at PPR, Eldred at Fallsburg and Dover at Pawling.

In the eighth week, the team with the best record will play host to the fourth-seeded squad, the third seed will be at the second seed, the sixth seed at the fifth and the eighth seed at the seventh seed.

In the ninth and final week, it will be the winners of the eighth week games hosting the losers of those games — 2/3 winner at 1/4 winner, 2/3 loser at 1/4 loser, 7/8 winner at 5/6 winner and 7/8 loser at 5/6 loser.

David Franskevicz of Sullivan West, who is coordinating the new league, reported that Section III also has an 8-man league. He stated, “At this point and time, we (Section IX and Section III) are trying to keep it as similar to 11-man as possible. All the same rules will apply, with the following variations:

“1. Section III has kept the same field dimensions as 11- man. Section IX has chosen to keep the field at 120 yards, but will be using the 8-man width, which is 40 yards;

“2. Instead of needing the minimum of 16 players suited to start a game, 8-man needs 12 players suited.

“3. Both sections are starting their season one week later than the 11-man season, because at this point, with no regional or start play, they extra time is not needed.

“4. 8-man eliminates two tackle and one back.”

He also noted, “ The state will not sponsor region or state play until at least six sections have at least four 8-man teames in their sections.”

He concluded, “All times, distances and rules remain the same.”

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