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Second-Day 63 Wins Delhi Gentlemen’s Golf

DELHI — The College Golf Course at Delhi held its 2018 Gentlemen’s Member-Guest tournament this past weekend and it was a five-flight event

In the first flight, the tandem of Eli Townsend and Justin Marano recorded a 63 on Sunday’s round to finish with a total of 133 strokes. The team of Floyd and Jeremy Eighmey finished second with 135.

In the second flight, Frank Couse and Tim Smith won a five-hole playoff against Bob Zodda and Shane Dirig, as both teams had 143 strokes. Couse and Smith had 77 and 66, and Zodda and 73 and 70. Coming in third in the flight were Chris Clak and Matt Sohns with a 144 total.

In the third flight, John Ciccone and Tom Lamport scored 71-71=142 for the win. Chris Shields and Thomas Beal had 75-68=143, and Andy Hannigan and Rob Berlinski had 74-71=145.

In the fourth flight, Rocky Parsons and Tommy Engels won with 74- 69=143, Pete Gutliph and Steve MacArthur shot 74-72=146 and Scott Lewis and Scott Herring had 76-72=148.

In the fifth flight, Mike Bames Jr. and Sr. had 78-70=148, Jim Hilson and Jim Johnson had 79-72=151, and low net went to Dick Gifford and Kim Armstrong with an 83-71=154, with a net of 120.

Saturday hole contest winners were: closest to the pin on hole #2, Neil Krick 4’8”; closest to the pin on hole #8 from white tees, Ian Townsend, 3’2”; closest to pin on hole #8, from blue tees, Floyd Eighmey, 23’7”; closest to the pin on hole #12, Branden Gabriel, 10’3”; closest to the pin on hole #14, Glenn Reynolds, 4’10”.

Sunday hole contest winners were: closest to the pin on hole #2, Kim Armstrong, 6’11”; closest to pin on from white tees on hole #8, Glen Reynolds, 5’7”; closest to pin from blue tees, Justin Marano, 2’1”; closest to pin on hole #12, Joel Smith, 4’11”; closest to pin on hole on hole #14, Rob Berlinski, 5’7”. The shoot-out winner, at 38’7”, was John Ciccone.

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