2018-08-08 / Letters

Don’t Tease Us

How heartbreaking to read L. Browne’s federal farm bill story and the negative effect to local farmers and SNAP recipients.

Interesting that while Farm Bureau advocates for “reopening of international markets in Mexico, Canada and Russia, who have retaliated against US exports of dairy as a result of domestic policy on immigration, tariffs and NAFTA policy disagreements. Farm Bureau’s goal is to increase trade by 5%.” I can understand that goal and that’s what’s so sad.

I don’t understand how the headline about Faso fixing the farm bill has ANY relevance to these goals. Faso is a Trump Republican. The tariff war is Trump Republican policy. While he would probably like to distance himself from his party’s policies, he just will not.

With Trump Republican majorities in the House, Senate and in the White House, the loss of our farm and other markets and the lack of an immigration stance must be owned by this Congressman! Don’t tease us by waxing poetic about what you will do. You are either WITH the majority or you are not. As a Republican, your personal opinion does us no good.


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