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Walton July Village Board Meeting

By Ron Galley

Walton Police Chief Paul Olsen presented retiring James Barlow with a plaque commemorating Barlow’s 14 years as a school crossing guard at the corner of Stockton Avenue and Bridge Street. Ron Galley/The Reporter Walton Police Chief Paul Olsen presented retiring James Barlow with a plaque commemorating Barlow’s 14 years as a school crossing guard at the corner of Stockton Avenue and Bridge Street. Ron Galley/The Reporter It was a quiet meeting of the Walton Village Board meeting Monday, Aug. 6, with most of the time spent on the Water System Evaluation. Bill Brown, representing Delaware Engineering discussed with the board the possibility of going forward with a modified project to replace water mains in the village and also make repairs and upgrades at the water tanks and wells. The first application submitted by the village in 2015 was not successful. Originally, the proposal was for the replacement of 8000 feet of pipe, at a cost of roughly $1.8 million dollars. The modified proposal would reduce the footage of pipe that would be replaced. According to the report presented by Brown the SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) bond resolution and application would need to be updated. The application would need to be completed by Sept. 7. After much discussion the board approved the motion to go ahead with the revised grant with no objection.

The board informed Delaware Engineering that assistance was given to homeowners by village employees on applications to the Catskill Watershed Corporation to fund feasibility studies regarding flood-proofing buildings as part of the CWC flood hazard mitigation program. The village’s application was accepted by CWC. The village authorized work to begin last month at the Walton Central School Bus Garage, Wayne Bank, Danny’s Restaurant and the Big M.

Funding from NYSDOT Tap Grants is available for sidewalk and streetscape improvements through the Transportation Alternative Program, which if approved would cover up to 80 per cent of the project. Brown discussed the areas of interest on Delaware, Bridge and Water streets, as well as Benton Avenue. The cost would be in the $2 to $2.25 million range. Trustees Steve Sehan and Theresa O’Leary asked why sidewalks on the village south side, especially Stockton Avenue, were not included in the project. There was conversation about possibly including Stockton Avenue and replacing some of the proposed work in other areas discussed. The board decided to hold a special meeting next Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 9 a.m. to discuss the issue further. The deadline for filing the application is Aug. 16.

Walton Police Chief Paul Olsen presented James Barlow with a plaque, commemorating Barlow’s 14 years as a crossing guard. Olsen thanked Barlow, who is retiring, for his dedication and many years of service to the village and keeping children safe while on their way to and from school. The plaque reads “In appreciation of 14 years as a crossing guard on Stockton and Bridge, we present this plaque to James Barlow, in appreciation of your many years of dedicated service as a crossing guard to the residents and children of the village of Walton, the Walton Central School District and the village of Walton Police Department.”

Jason Craig, Delaware Operations, updated the board on the sewer plant. Craig said there were recent issues with effluence due to flooding. He said the situation cleared up quickly and is now back to normal, with no violations. Overall, he said the plant is running very well. He did request ordering chemical pumps and airlifts for sand filters, which would cost $3800 and $4000 respectively, with the cost picked up by the city. The board unanimously approved.

The board welcomed new Department of Public Works (DPW) Superintendent Butch Smith, who was recently appointed to the post. Smith reported the DPW has discovered a large hole in the Ogden Street area that will need to be dug up and repaired.

During public input Alan and Audrey Fairweather of Ogden Street reported severe flooding at their property recently caused considerable damage. Mr. Fairweather said the flooding left four inches of mud. He said something has to be done and if it isn’t, he would have no choice but to sue the village, town, county and state. Mayor Ed Snow advised the road where the flooding took place is owned by the town and suggested they attend the town meeting which was going on simultaneously, for which they departed the village meeting.

In other news, the village adopted a local law that states that the position of village clerk and or deputy clerk, if vacant, shall be filled by appointment of the mayor, subject to approval of the board of trustees.

Trustee Reports:

Dave Breese said the Walton Theatre Preservation Association plan to have a booth at next week’s Delaware County Fair, with the theme, “What has been accomplished so far.” They plan to increase social media visibility this year and plan several work bee’s to improve the theatre entrance.

Steve Condon reported about the swimming season at the village pool. The pool has remained open 28 out of 31 days with only three rain outs; 197 children signed up for swimming lessons. The pool will close for the season Aug. 26. The arts and crafts, basketball and tennis programs at Austin Lincoln Park have been successful this summer.

Board member Steve Sehen requested $120 to cover a flood plan manager renewal coming up in the near future.

Walton Village Clerk Jody Brown requested leave for her and deputy village clerk Misty Phoenix Sept. 24 through 28 to attend training in Lake Placid. The money has been budgeted and the request for the time for training was granted unanimously by the board.

The next regular monthly meeting of the Walton village will be Monday, Sept. 3 at village hall.

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