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Garden Scene

with Peggy Bolton

Onions are one of the easiest crops to grow. As we head towards fall, onions will be ready to harvest. Remember, in most cases strong flavor onions keep the longest. As the necks begin to flop, onions are nearing their harvest time.

The main trick with keeping onions is to harvest when they are the driest. Make sure there have been several dry days before pulling the bulb. Even when it appears they are dry, they still will have a ways to go before putting away for the winter. Place pulled onions on screens or newspaper in a dry, well ventilated area that has good circulation.

While onions are drying, keep shaking them and moving them to make sure, as much moisture, as possible is removed. Any that have been injured harvesting should be used immediately. Use up mild onions in a few weeks. Normal keeping time on these will be two to six weeks.

Storage onions will be dry enough to put away when the tops easily pull off. They may be put in loosely woven bags, similar to those that onions are sold in. Hang storage bags in a cool, extremely dry, dark location to use throughout the winter. Most cured onions will keep well into next spring.

Check sacks occasionally for problem onions. If tops begin to grow, the location is too damp or too light.

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