2018-07-18 / Columns

Cod’s Corner

By Tom Coddington

This baseball guy can now get into the vintage side of the game. The Mountain Athletic Club (MAC) in Fleischmanns is in full swing and the Bovina Dairymen will be hosting the MAC on Saturday at McIntosh Flats on Creamery Road in Bovina Center.

Yours truly learned about vintage base ball a while back, when Roxbury formed a team, the Roxbury Nine, which did some traveling. At one time, there was a Hancock Nine, along with the MAC and the Dairymen. We were hoping to field in Hamden because of its long roots to the game, but that fell through. There is one game in Hamden each year, but it is not a vintage game.

The Delaware County teams, other than the Roxbury Nine, did not do a lot of traveling. There were teams from Brooklyn and other locations that played in Kirkside Park. They drew good numbers, but most of the team has retired.

Thanks go to the MAC and the Dairymen for bringing back the past!

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