2018-07-11 / Outdoor Life

DEC Has Rules for Public Lands

Regular outdoor recreation provides social, physical and mental health benefits for free or at low cost. The New York State Department of Conservation and Environmental (DEC) has rules for its public lands. State lands are available for everyone to enjoy, but DEC reminds users to recreate in a sustainable way. To minimize negative environmental impacts to public lands, camp, hike or swim in smaller groups to avoid degrading wildlife areas, trampling plants, compacting soil and disturbing wildlife.

To do your part to protect outdoor spaces and reduce environmental damage:

• Remember to leave no trace;

• Observe, but do not engage wildlife;

• Report damage that you see;

• Restrict your hiking and camping to designated areas;

• Avoid moving firewood camping or spending time outdoors;

• Avoid high use areas and overcrowding by visiting alternative sites;

• A temporary revocable permit (TRP) is required for groups of 20 or more individuals.

DEC has a list of regulations for the public to follow while enjoying state lands. These rules are in place to protect not only our forest environment, but all those who enjoy access to it.

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