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Garden Scene

Summer Gardening
with Peggy Bolton

The super hot weather may have taken a toll on some of your annual plants.

Many hanging baskets are in need of some TLC.

Cascading petunias that may have been purchased as a self-cleaning variety, will still need to be trimmed. The spent buds may not have fallen off, instead they have formed seed heads. These plants will also benefit from a pruning, helping them to get fuller, rather than spindly. Give planters a shot of liquid fertilizer. This will help container plants to green up and begin to bud again. New Guinea impatiens may also need some dead heading. Trim back any annuals that have lost their energy. Most will start to rebloom in a couple of weeks.

In the vegetable garden, think about planting another crop of radishes and lettuce. The crops may be sewn until late fall, as they only take a few weeks to mature. Make sure tomato plants get a good amount of water each week. Keeping weeds out from around the stem will help them get more moisture.

If there is an over abundance of fruit on your trees, begin thinning it. Apples should only be one every six to eight inches. Too much fruit will break the branches. The fruit that is left will become much bigger after thinning. Weed around the base of fruit trees. This helps prevent disease and rodent damage.

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