2018-07-11 / Columns

Cod’s Corner

By Tom Coddington

We try every week to get as much as we can in our sports pages, but it would be easy to do only when lots of sports are happening. Again, we ask people to tell us when there is a golf tournament, a running event or another sport that might be covered.

We are preparing for the 52nd Delaware County Men’s Amateur golf tournament, which begins on Friday and concludes on Sunday. As this column is being written, many entries are coming in, and the tourney committee is hoping that there will be the maximum number of 144 in the six flights. As of Friday, there were 111 who had signed up and on Monday morning, the number was 127.

Five former champions will be in the field — 2017 winner Joe Burgin, Matt Moyse, Dave Anderson Jr., Len Govern and Rich Meade. Burgin stated on Friday that 12-time champion Brad Anderson is not expecting to play, nor is another former winner, Jon Barber.

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