2018-06-13 / Outdoor Life

Watershed to Wales:

We’re closer than you think

Contributed Photo Contributed Photo A team of watershed protection partners from the Catskills traveled to Wales in March to share their experience in preserving water quality with staff members and directors of Welsh Water. Catskill Watershed Corporation Communications Director Diane Galusha, Watershed Agricultural Council Chairperson Sally Fairbairn, and Adam Bosch, Public Affairs director for the NYC DEP Bureau of Water Supply, made the trip at the invitation of the non-profit company which supplies water to three million people. The company is seeking to change its focus from water treatment to source protection and is searching the globe for international best practices. The NYC watershed protection model is famous around the world, and Welsh Water was anxious to learn how it might adapt some practices to its own operations. Watch a six-minute video on our visit

Watershed to Wales: videos/393829497764933.

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