2018-06-13 / Letters

Send Someone with Integrity

There are many fine Democrats running for Congress in the 19th District but Pat Ryan rises above the rest. His selfless commitment to public service, authentic support for democratic values, and deep ties to our area make Pat Ryan the best champion for the working people and middle class families of our district. In 2014 and 2016, our nominees were caricatured as wealthy and liberal New York City elites out of touch with our moderate and rural district. If we want someone this year who will stand up to the president and do-nothing Congress, we must nominate an authentic voice like Pat Ryan, a Democrat who can win in November. In fact, a recent poll shows Pat Ryan is the only candidate who beats the Republican incumbent. Pat was raised in Kingston, where his mom was a teacher and his dad owned a small business. After graduating from Kingston High School, Pat Ryan attended West Point and served two tours in Iraq. There are many forms of public service to our country but few are more selfless than risking one’s life for our democracy. After Pat’s military service, he came home and, along with two women, co-founded a successful business. Of their 150 employees, over half were military veterans. Pat believes in universal health care, strong environmental protections, reducing gun violence, saving Social Security and Medicare, and building an economy that works for all of us. We live in a cynical age when too many politicians put their own interests before their country and when our democratic rule of law and values are under attack. It’s time to send someone with integrity to Washington who will selflessly fight for what’s right and make us proud. Let’s vote for Pat Ryan on June 26th and restore our democratic and American values.


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