2018-06-13 / Letters

Rebuts Dem of the Year

I am the NRA Chairman for the Federation of Sportsmans Clubs of Sullivan County. This is a rebuttal to the 5/30 article Dem of the Year issues call for Gun Control. The removal of God from school/government has created a godless generation of people who feel unloved and spend too much time playing violent video games. First fix is to publicly let the love of God transform us all. Mr. Truscott thinks “SROs in school will not deter school shootings” - maybe but metal detectors and limited access to the building along with highly trained armed guards using high-tech surveillance equipment is the rest of the solution; I do agree that bat wielding teachers won’t deter a school shooter.

Yes, unfortunately thousands of people will be killed with guns in 2018, even children and that is terrible, however those numbers are skewed because criminals shoot each other as well as police and innocent victims. Legal gun owners need to follow the multiple gun laws to keep the guns out of the hands of children; and teens should be shown how to handle the gun safely if it is going to be in the house. Truscott’s 3 part plan to reduce the number of guns is not sound. He suggests “all guns with less than a 24 “barrel be banned”. Well there goes my Youth Henry.22. He does not want us hiding guns under our car seats; like most legal gun owners I would not do that anyway! The second part is to “ban guns that discharge more than one shot every 60 seconds”, what about the 35,000 NY duck hunters who legally use semiautomatic shotguns? I shot a deer last fall twice using 2 bullets in under 2 seconds with my bolt action rifle, that would be illegal. How can an older female gun owner defend herself with 1 bullet every 60 seconds? Does Sheriff Andy Griffith stand by and hand her 1 bullet at a time like he did with Deputy Barney? Then what do they do when they use all 6 and the criminal has 13 bullets? Thirdly he wants a buyback program, allowing only “conforming guns”; who decides that, him?

The Sandy Hook and Columbine shooters could have been stopped long before they illegally obtained their guns or by adequate school security. The former 2 and Parkland shooter all showed violent and mental health red flags that were not dealt with. Unfortunately our USA has changed since I was a boy in the 1970s. God was legislated out of school in the 60s, TV Evangelists were taken off Primetime in the early 80s, Republicans and Democrats are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I am all for gun safety but let’s start with making laws that actually stop these psychopath school shooters and by enforcing the current gun laws before making new ones that only criminalize your friends and neighbors.

God bless America, One nation under God, In God we trust. Please check out on June 10th.


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