2018-06-13 / Letters

Promote and Pass Proposals Next Time

I’ve given a lot of thought to the recent budget proposal voting in Delhi and the resulting outcome. It seems that a lot of the public views the procedure as an “Us vs. Them” scenario, with the “Us” being the taxpayers and the “Them” being the school board. Proposal One contained many sound maintenance projects ie: roof repair etc. But also included were lights for the field. Let’s face it, lights for the field were a bit of a long shot and seemed to jeopardize the remainder of the proposal platform. The lighting idea should have stood alone and I think the public perceived it as being slipped into the deal. The way to sway public sentiment on “sports” expenditures would be to gather a large showing of the booster club backing the proposal with even some fund raising to defray expenses. Once John Q. Public sees that his fellow townsfolk are enthusiastic over the idea, it becomes a bit of a plebiscite or rally for the cause. A showing of the general support of the public makes the idea much more palatable than one that is perceived as being handed down from the “ivory tower.”

A good friend of mine feels that the new proposals went down in flames as the public is opposed to change, and this may very well be. Let us keep in mind that “change” many impact our lives in numerous ways. If time-honored foundations of the scholastic system, such as sports, are to be denegrated, what then may fill the void? A recent edition of The Daily Star, on the front page, above the fold, features the Delhi school club that endorses support for the L.G.B.T. community. Perhaps this will be the wave of the future for students. Instead of the kids involving themselves in athletic endeavors, it will be political and sociological endeavors that they follow. Let this observation not be construed as bigoted, I merely feel it much easier for a young family to observe a group of athletes that to try to answer embarrassing questions from the little ones as to what the L.G.B.T. thing is all about. I am an old fashioned guy admittedly, but my opinion counts as much as any other and I truly believe in live and let live, but I’m also very aware of (how) awkward it can be with children by your side when your in the midst of shall we say an indelicate situation.

Sports fans, get of the couch, go to the board and informational meetings and rally your neighbors and friends to promote and pass any future proposals that will encourage our young athletes and provide a safe and modern venue for them to participate in.


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